Writing your text message.

Composing: things to bear in mind…

For each 160 characters you use in your text message to a UK mobile number, 1 credit will be used. 160 is the standard length for a SMS text message, however there are some instances noted below that are worth keeping in mind:

  • Using Text-Connect you can send ‘Long’ messages which give you more scope when communicating complex information.  You can draft long messages up to 456 characters in length (effectively 3 messages long) and this will use 1 credit per 160 character block.
  • Be sure to check the character & message count as you type to see how many credits your message will use.
  • Your messages sent to mobile numbers outside of the UK will use 2 credits per 160 character message. Please call for more information on our International coverage.
  • Some ‘special’ characters (e.g. £, $, &) are counted as 2 because they are not part of the standard GSM character set (a to z, 0 to 9). This could push you over the 160 character, 1 credit threshold for your message.

You can login to Text-Connect to start composing a message here.

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