About Text-Connect

Text-Connect was founded back in 2005 to provide text messaging services for businesses and organisations.

Historically we’ve served both businesses and non profit organisations with our first clients ranging from a major energy supplier, a community radio station and a city college and that trend has continued to this day.

Text messaging is vital to the communications mix of organisations of all types.  Text-Connect has been developed to make the addition of text messaging to your organisation as easy as possible. Draft and send text messages using your computer and view text message replies sent to your dedicated text-number. Forward incoming text messages to your email address.

Over the years Text-Connect has been developed and enhanced to provide extensive text message send, receive and forwarding functionality.

We also added our tcForward app which provides text message forwarding from your smartphone.

Although we operate in a ‘high-tech’ marketplace we are ‘old school’ when it comes to our customers. We are a small team, and we are at the end of the phone should you need to call. We reply promptly to emails and if you need help, information or a quote you will deal with one of our core people who will go out of the way to help.

This approach has been the cornerstone to our philosophy since our inception and still holds true today.

This blog is intended as a quick way of giving you our latest thoughts, idea’s and useful information.

We look forward to working with you.


The Text-Connect team.

ps. Our contact details at the bottom of each page.

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