Sending a Text. ‘From’ settings.

When sending a text, you need to specify the ‘From’ information.

The ‘From’ field can be either a a Text Label or your Text-Number.

Text label.

If you choose to use a Text Label you should keep it no longer than 11 alphanumeric characters. An alphanumeric text label means A to Z, 0 to 9 but does should not use spaces or special characters (ie.  &^$£”% etc).

If you choose to use a Text Label you will not be able to receive replies back to your Text-Connect account via your text number.

NB: If you choose a text label that is only 2 characters long, some handsets (often I-Phones) may not display it correctly.


If you have a Text-Number on your Text-Connect account you can choose this as the ‘From’ label. Click the ‘Virtual Mobile Number’ tab on the ‘Send’ box to select. Reply’s to your message will then be delivered to your inbox.

If you do not have a Text-Number and would like reply’s delivered back to your Text-Connect inbox, order online or give us a call on 01952 820 453.

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