Manage your Text-Number

Below we’ve covered the normal routine for adding and managing Text-Numbers on your text connect account.

Your Text-Number has a number of settings you can control…..

  • Number Name: Giving your Text-Number a name makes it easier to manage multiple numbers on your Text-Connect account.
  • Auto Response: Setting and enabling an Auto Response means that anyone texting your number will automatically receive your auto response message in reply.  It means that you can let the sender know that their message has been received. The keyword section gives additional options.
  • Forwarding: Use this section to automatically forward all incoming text messages to:
    • Other mobile numbers.
    • Email addresses.
    • HTTP web servers for custom message handling via your own software systems.
  • Distribution List Triggering: Trigger a text message to one of your Distribution lists with a text from your mobile phone. Add the numbers of the mobile phones you want to allow to use this feature, separated by commas.

The ‘trigger’ text message must be formed in a specific format and from one of the numbers you specify above:  The distribution list name (must be one word),  ‘From’ name, followed by your text message. (e.g. ListName From this is the message to be sent). The phone which triggers the message shot will receive a text message to confirm a successful trigger.

For help triggering a distribution list call us on 01952 820 453.

You can login to Text-Connect and manage your Inbound Text-Numbers here.

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