Advanced Send. More options.

Use the ‘Advanced’ tab on the Send page and send messages to multiple recipients (lists, groups, contacts) at the same time.

The Advanced option, found under the main ‘Send’ page, gives you additional options for mixing recipients from your contacts, contact groups and lists as well as other additional sending options. Advanced Send.

  1. To: Choose numbers from your contacts, groups, or freehand type,  plus select by name. Separate multiple numbers with comma’s.
  2. Add: Use the add button to select and add recipient numbers to the ‘To’ field.
  3. From: Decide if you are going to use a Text-Label or your Text-Number.  Click on the best option for your message.
  4. Message text: Here you can enter the message you are sending.
  5. Insert Template: Text-Connect gives you the option of setting up predefined message templates. Select from your templates here.
  6. Immediately: Send your message ‘Right now’ by clicking “Send Message”.
  7. On a later date: This will schedule the message to be sent later, and you will be able to check it in your Outbox. If you cancel the message from your Outbox, used credits will be restored to your balance. This is a good way of checking messages before sending ‘Live’.
  8. By schedule: Choose to send your message multiple times as per a schedule you define.

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