Message Status meanings in delivery reports.

A key benefit of choosing Text-Connect for your business text messaging is that the message reports tell you if your message has been delivered.

Text-Connect’s  reporting functions mean that you can quickly check the current status of your message. When sending individual text messages our ‘Real Time’ message status gives you a live on screen report of current message status which updates automatically.

For multiple messages the ‘Sent’ menu gives you the status of all messages sent in the last 24 hours. For older messages you can  run a ‘Message Report’ in the Reports menu.

Once a message has been sent the current status is derived from updated information provided by the mobile network who the recipients phone is registered with. There is sometimes variation in description of the message status between networks.

Below are the common status names and a description of their meaning:

  • PENDING: The message is waiting to be accepted by the operator who provides the recipients mobile service.
  • SENT – the first delivery attempt has been made. If delivery is not successful, the message will stay in this state until it expires
  • DELIVERED – the message was successfully delivered to the handset.
  • EXPIRED: Means that the handset may have been switched off or out of signal for a long period of time, and the networks validity of the message has expired. They do try to send the message to the mobile over a 24-48 hour period, after this time frame the message would have expired.
  • COMMAND_REJECTED – the message was invalid in some way and was rejected by the operator. Often this is due to a ‘bad’ number.
  • UNDELIVERABLE – everything was fine with the message, but the handset was not able to receive the message.
  • UNKNOWN – The message has expired, but no delivery or expiry receipt was received from the operator, thus delivery status is unknown
  • FAILED/COMMAND_FAILED – The operator received the message but was unable to process it for some reason.

Message status reports in Text-Connect give you reduced usage costs by giving you the tools to manage your contact lists. ‘Bad’ numbers are easy to add to your account ‘black list’ and then cleaned from your existing lists so preventing wasted credits.

More info on text message reporting types is available here

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