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Enhance your business with Text messaging.

See how our clients gained a competative advantage by adding text messaging to their business or organisation.

Text-Connect™ is used by businesses and organisations across the UK across a wide range of applications. 

Although the applications are many and varied, our clients use text messages when they need to communicate with clients and staff 'Right Now', wherever they might be. 

Text-Connect™ delivers near instant communication directly to and from staff and clients even when they are in areas of low or intermittent mobile network coverage. Text messages need only a tiny amount of connection they can get through when voice and data communication is impossible. 

Here we've noted just some of the applications and industries using our service:

 Field Sales Management. 

Closer links to the sales teams. 

The Sales Support Co-ordinator at our client company, who employ more than 11,000 people said:

"Text-Connect enables me to receive text messages on my PC from our field based account managers detailing daily sales figures. Text-Connect also gives me the means to contact our entire field sales team almost simultaneously, which is particularly effective in case of an emergency".

Reminder Texts. 

Reduce missed appointments. 

A leading mortgage broker uses Text-Connect™ to remind clients of appointments.

"Text-Connect saves us time because messages are sent and received on our desktop PCs. Messages are quick to compose using a keyboard and arrive with the client almost instantly."

Recruitment .  

Improved response rates. 

A supply chain services company is using Text-Connect™ to simplify its driver recruitment process by accepting applications by text message.

Our client has reported increased response rates from their recruitment adverts giving them an bigger pool of applicants to interview from and save through faster administration. 

Remote Monitoring. 

Managing text alerts & remote equipment. 

  An International marine research organisation uses Text-Connect to help protect its research samples.

Samples are preserved in fridges set to maintain a specific temperature range. Text Alerts are generated by monitors and then forwarded by Text-Connect to the engineering team. 

 Credit Control. 

Direct Payment reminders. 

Response rates are much improved when reminders are sent by text.

""We have been using the Text-Connect™ system to follow up customer payments. We have had a great response and quicker payments compared to letter reminders."  

Cheaper too !

Facilities Management. 

Communicate with staff across your site.  

Text-Connect™has been adopted by the facilities management of several large sites.

Clients have found it particularly useful for managing lone workers, remote maintenance personal and as an Emergency messaging system.

Fire Safety Checks  

for the deaf community. 

Text-Connect™ gives deaf or hard of hearing home owners an easy way to contact their Fire Service.

Requests for a Free Home Fire Safety check are sent by text message to the text number and forwarded as emails to the Fire services Safety Check team for action.

Charity Helpline. 

Easy access to services. 

  Ataxia UK has adopted Text-Connect™ to broaden it's communication mix and aid contact between sufferers and it's UK Helpline.

Text messaging is a vital part of the Ataxia UK Helpline communications mix. 

 Choice Based Lettings. 

Housing Association.

A major East of England Housing Association has selected Text-Connect™ to give their residents greater choice and involvement in home selection.

Residents now have the option of 'bidding' for empty properties with a text message.

Reduced Rent Arrears. 

Housing Association. 

 A Scottish Housing association has selected Text-Connect™ to help reduce rent arrears among it's tenants.

Tenants are sent a SMS text message if they are about to slip into arrears. Text messages serve as a powerful reminder and prompt tenants into action. 

Tenant Incentive scheme. 

Responsible tenants and good neighbours. 

A major Housing Association is using SMS text message competitions and prize draws to boost its tenant incentive scheme. The scheme aims to promote being a responsible tenant and good neighbour and gives reward and recognition to tenants who abide by their tenancy agreement obligations. 

Gas Safety Checks.  

Organise critical checks by text.

  Landlords have a legal obligation to test gas appliances every 12 months but tenants missing appointments with engineers are a serious problem.

Landlords using text messaging in this application report that expensive missed inspections are reduced and response from "no access" cases is encouraging.