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Text messaging API.

Integrate text messaging into your business systems with our Application Programming Interface. 

Integrate text messaging to your business communications mix and systems with Text-Connect™ HTTP Gateway and Application Programming Interface.

A HTTP request is the recommended way accessing the Text-Connect™ service from within an application.

Sending a SMS text in software, from within your application is as simple as generating a HTTP request containing the relevant variables, and sending it to the Text-Connect™ HTTP gateway in the form of a HTTP POST or HTTP GET.

Text message forwarding is a standard Text-Connect™ text-number feature and means that you can develop applications to automatically process your incoming text message traffic. 

Configure your Text-Connect™ account to forward messages received on your 'text number' as a HTTP request to your web domain where your script can process the incoming messages. A second option is to forward your messages to a Pop3 email box and process them from there.

This ability combined with a php / mySQL database gives you huge possibilities for collecting and processing incoming messages. 

 Send texts from applications. 

Generate texts in software.  

Adding text alerts and updates to your business systems keeps staff and clients informed and up to date.
Applications include reminders, delivery updates and work instructions.

Text messaging also offers a popular way of adding 2 factor authentification to web site applications. 

Process incoming messages

automatically in software.   

Our text-numbers feature HTTP forwarding as standard and at no extra cost. When incorporated with our API you have the tools to develop custom software solutions including lone worker applications.