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Forward text messages to email, mobile and web.

Text message fowarding from a Text-Connect text number. .

Forward sms text messages sent to your Text-Number to other mobiles, email or your web server.

We give you several message forwarding options for text messages sent to your Text-Connectâ„¢ text-number & inbox. Forwarding options are enabled with your dedicated text number which is allocated to you when you set up your '2way' Text-Connectâ„¢ account.

Selective forwarding is easy to set up and is based on message key word or content, ensuring the message arrives with the right people in your team for action.   

 Forward to email: 

SMS to e-mail.  

Have incoming text messages forwarded to your  email accounts.

Ensure everyone is informed by forwarding messages to multiple email accounts at no extra cost. 

Forward to your Mobiles,

from your Text-Number to your mobile.  

Forward incoming text messages onwards to a mobile phone, making the system ideal for alerting key staff in an emergency.

Popular with clients managing alerts from monitoring systems.  

Forward to Web.  

for automated message handling. 

Software developers will appreciate the HTTP forwarding option, where your inbound SMS text messages are forwarded to your server.

Perfect for integrating text messaging with your business systems and web applications,