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Send Text Messages from your desktop.

Draft and send SMS text messages from your computer.

Send your SMS text messages from your web browser, sending to just one or thousands of recipients.

Text-Connect is fast and reliable, with your
message will be delivered almost instantly to your recipients phone. We only use UK mobile networks for message delivery ensuring prompt, reliable delivery. 

Say what you need without having to worry about fitting your message up to 160 characters of text.

Text-Connect gives you up to 459 characters, the equivalent of three standard length text messages with which to draft your message, Long text messages are delivered as a single text to your recipients phone making them easy to read. 459 characters per message means your message can be clear, unambiguous and convey instructions or information in much more detail..

 Web Based 

for easy access.  

Access your Text-Connectâ„¢ account from any computer with an Internet connection and browser to  send messages.

Share a single account across your organisation and save cost.

Contacts & Lists

Extensive list and contact management. 

Import and export your contacts and lists with easy to create .csv text files.

Organise your contacts into multiple  Groups for easy selection when choosing who to contact.  Your imported lists are great for bulk messaging. 

Message templates  

for repeat applications. 

Pre define message templates and save time on applications where the message content is repeated.

Pre schedule messages for sending in the future, ideal for reminders. 

Message Delivered ?

Know that your message has been delivered 

 Your message will be quickly routed via the UK mobile networks.

This means you can track the delivery of your message to your recipients phone, giving you a time of delivery.