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Receive Text Messages to your desktop.

Text messages delivered directly to your computer, read as email or online inbox. 

Receive SMS text messages directly to your computers as email, or view online in your Text-Connectâ„¢ inbox,. 

Text-Connectâ„¢ gives you a dedicated 'text-number' to which your incoming sms text messages are sent. Texts sent to your text number are delivered to your account 'inbox' and forwarded to your e-mail address(es), web server or other mobile numbers.  Your dedicated text-number means no lost or misdirected text messages. 

Your text-number gives you your own unique SMS-text contact number. Your customers and staff simply send text messages to that number giving them an exceptionally easy way to contact your business or organisation, wherever they are quick and easily.

Text messages are more reliable than data based mobile app or email systems and texts can get through even from areas with poor mobile coverage, making text messaging a more reliable way you communicate with staff and clients out and about. 

Where your business has field based remote staff, drivers or engineers, the ability to receive their texts adds an important communication channel to your business.

Features include:

 Auto Responder. 

Confirm their message has arrived. 

Trigger an automated response back to your sender and confirm that their message has been received.

You can set-up different 'Response' messages depending on the first word of their message.

Forward SMS text to email.

Forward text to multiple email address.

E-mail forwarding for your incoming messages means they appear in your usual email inbox.
 Other text forwarding options means you can forward your text messages to multiple e-mail addresses, mobiles and your web server.

Subscription Options, 

make marketing lists easy to manage.

Build opt-in lists for your marketing campaigns. Clients simply send a text containing a key word and their number is added to your list.
Unsubscribe functions make opt outs easy for you to manage. 

Message Sorting.

Inbox folders to organise your messages. 

Our 'auto sorting' feature means your messages are moved directly to a specified sub folder depending on the message content.
Ideal for sharing your Text-Connectâ„¢ account between co-workers and separate message traffic.