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Email to Text.

Draft and send an email. Deliver as a text..

Send text messages as email from ANY email software using Text-Connect™.

The Text-Connect™ email to text function works independently of your email software, meaning that it works with all the popular email software, including Eudora, Thunderbird, Outlook and web mail, whatever your chosen system, Mac, PC, Linux or Unix. . . . .

Your email is routed to the Text-Connect™ server where it is converted to a text message and sent to the number you give as part of the 'To:' email address. Delivery of your text message is almost instant.

Text-Connect™ 'email to text' is ideal for adding text message alerts to critical applications that have access to the Internet, including UPS power supply monitoring, server status, and alerts from other monitoring equipment.

Check out Text-Connect™ Software Developer information on how you can customise text messaging to your software systems.

Email to text is simple to use:

Simply enter the recipient's number in the 'To:' box of your email in the following format:

to: 'Destination Number'  ie,

where 447781234567 is the number you wish to to send the text to. Text messages that have been forwarded to your email address are automatically formatted so that you simply press 'Reply'.

Subject:   'FROM' -  In the 'subject' box type who the text is from, or the number you would like the recipient to reply to. A max of 11 characters. 

1st line of email: Your user name. 

2nd line of email: Your security token.

3rd line of email: The start of your message.

The actual message goes where you would usually type your email messages and should be in plain text. For added security we've added a security token which you should pre fix to the beginning of your message. Your actual message should start on the 2nd line of your email. Your message can be up to 160 characters.


  •     emails MUST be plain text with no signatures.
  •     the subject line should be no longer than 11 characters.