Text-Numbers. It’s best not to share!

A Text-Number or MSISDN is the doorway by which you can receive text messages to your computers.

Also known as a ‘Virtual Mobile Number’, it’s your number to which your client sends their message to and usually takes for form of an 11 character mobile number that looks for all intents to be a normal mobile number (with the exception of short code numbers.)

When choosing a provider for a Text-Number it’s critical to understand how your messages are going to be routed to you.

Our Text-Numbers are dedicated, so we allocate a new number for each client. This means that any and all text messages sent to your account are delivered to your Text-Connect inbox and forwarded to your email.

However not all suppliers operate in the same way. Some text-number suppliers work with ‘key words’. This means that your sender needs to prefix their message with a specific key word which is the trigger for the message to be directed to you. If your client gets it wrong their message will not reach you and could be delivered to another company.

Other suppliers share text-numbers across many users by referencing senders & receivers via a database. Again because the number is shared your messages could be misdirected or lost if things go wrong.

The moral of the story is, if your clients’ message is important to you, use a Text-connect dedicated text number and be sure you receive their message!

Call or email us for pricing or more information on 01952 820 453 or info@text-connect.co.uk


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