Text messaging for conference organisers.

In recent months Text-Connect has been adopted by leading conference organisers to give delegates a direct link to Speakers. Text-Connect gives event managers a way of getting important information and updates to delegates almost instantly.

A dedicated Text-Number delivers incoming SMS text messages from your delegates to your inbox as either Email or via our on-line Inbox.  Out going text messages are quick and easy to draft on your  computer and are delivered to delegates almost instantly.

This opens up opportunities to engage delegates before and during the conference, plus gain feedback post event.

Delegates find that texting questions for speakers pre event quick and easy while organisers use the instant nature of SMS text messaging an excellent way to encourage audience participation in open forums. Delegates text ‘questions from the floor’ which are then displayed ‘text to screen’.

Post event text messaging is a very effective way to collect event feedback from delegates.

Outgoing text messages give Event organisers an invaluable tool for keeping delegates informed about changes in the program or reminders for key events. This is not to mention the housekeeping and emergency Health and Safety applications.

A case study covering:  Text messaging for conference organisers.

Information on: Low cost text to screen options.

Text-Connect needs no hardware or software and is easy to use. Our text messaging solution is affordable and scalable to suit businesses and organisations of all sizes.

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