Text messaging for community and internet radio stations

Text-Connect has been adopted by community radio stations as a cost effective way of adding text messaging to serve their audience.

Text messaging is a proven way of promoting audience participation and was introduced by the national broadcasters years ago. However costs can prove prohibitive for small community or internet radio stations operating on a limited budget.

Our ‘Text-Numbers‘ give your radio station an affordable option to receive text messages from listeners. Your station simply pays an affordable annual fee and there is no charge to you for receiving messages. Your listeners pay their usual fee’s for sending a message and messages are in no way charged at a premium rate.

A Text-Connect Text-Number is dedicated to your station and is not shared with any other organisation. This is important to your listeners because it saves them having to prefix their message to you with a specific key word.

Our Text-Numbers are 07 style ‘long’ format and existing radio station clients report excellent response. Compared to the alternative shared short code text numbers they are easier for the listener to use as they don’t have to prefix a key word to each message.  Compared to a 5 digit short code and key word our numbers are easier to use, especially once the listener has your number in their phone.

Your listeners text messages are delivered to your studio email account or via your text-connect on-line ‘inbox’ accessed from a web browser.  Competitions are easy to administer with the built in key word function you control.

Text-Connect is the ideal choice for Community and Internet radio stations. Affordable, simple to use and reliable. Have a look at the case study covering how our existing radio station clients use text numbers here.

Please email or call 01952 820 453 for pricing and more information.

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