Text messaging for Charities

Text messaging gives your Charity a low cost & effective way of improving the accessibility of it’s services to your  target demographic. Importantly text messaging also streamlines and simplifies communication with volunteers and staff.

The Text-Connect ‘2 way’ text messaging system gives your organisation all the tools it needs to send and receive text messages to staff, volunteers and the users of your service.

Text messaging helps make your services more accessible to users, including those with some types of disabilities. The easy & discrete nature of texting combined with the wide scale ownership of mobile phones helps removes many of the ‘blocks’ potential users of your services may face when making initial contact.

Your dedicated Text-Connect Text number ensures that all your messages will be delivered to your email and\or inbox, removing the need for the sender to use key words and removing the chance of a misrouted confidential message that exists with shared text numbers.

Text-Connect will also save time for your administration staff when coordinating volunteers. Sending text messages to groups of volunteers is quick and easy and their replies are delivered back to your email and\or inbox.  It’s ideal for requesting help or confirming details.

Off site staff will appreciate Text-Connect as an easy way to confirm their location for Lone Worker protection.  Out going text messages are a great way of distributing urgent & critical information to staff who are geographically dispersed.

Here at Text-Connect we supply text messaging services to charities, government agencies and social organisation of all sizes.  Some case studies detailing how some of our clients are using text messaging in their organisation are here.

For more information email us at info@text-connect.co.uk or call us on 01952 820 453.


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