Text Message SMS marketing. Regulations.

Text-Connect features a wide range of features designed to make sending and managing text messages in marketing applications as simple as possible, and this extends to list management with automated opt-in and opt-out functions.

Opt-in lists with opt-out choices are critical when using text messaging in marketing applications where there are a number of regulations to comply with.

The best overview of the regulations and best practice relating to text message and email marketing has been published by the ICO (The Information Commissioner’s Office) and includes questions and answers to common questions.  It’s worth noting that for the purposes of the regulations SMS Text Messaging is the same as Email, falling under ‘Electronic Communications’. Please see:


and some additional information on ‘Soft Opt In’ is here:


you might also be interested in the data protection act:


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Text Message SMS marketing. Regulations. — 1 Comment

  1. The Data commissionaire has issued new guidance on direct marketing via electronic means.

    With regard to marketing to consumers:

    “The person must specifically consent to the type of communication in question,” the ICO said in its guidance. “In other words, organisations cannot make an automated call unless the person has consented to receiving automated calls, cannot send a text unless they have consented to receive texts, and so on. Consent to receive phone calls cannot be extended to cover texts or emails, and vice versa. And a general statement of consent to receive marketing might be valid for mail marketing, but will not cover calls or texts.”

    There is a PDF for download from their site: