Text-Numbers. Long, short code & shared. The Differences.

Text numbers are the route by which you can receive text messages on your computer.  A sender sends a message to your text number and that message is delivered to you by email or web ‘inbox’.

Here at Text-Connect our clients usually choose to use one of our standard Text-Numbers which give them the following advantages:

Good Value. A years rental costs as much as 1 months use of a shared short code.

Dedicated. All messages sent to your number are delivered to your Text-Connect account. No need for key words and your number is not shared with many other organisations so no lost or misdirected message traffic.

Good for your clients. Our text-numbers are UK mobile numbers so your clients or staff pay as per their normal contract to send messages. No premium fee’s and we don’t take any cut.

Our Text-Numbers are 11 characters long. For example our company text-number is 07781472088. Sometimes these numbers are known as ‘Long Code’ numbers.

Other text-number types to be aware of include:

Long Code UK text numbers which are based outside of the mainland UK. Senders on some networks may pay International texting rates.

Dedicated Short Code Text Numbers. These are typically 5 digit numbers. For example the BBC text number is 61124.  Large media organisations will use a dedicated short code number, the costs for which are usually prohibitive for small or medium sized business.

Shared Short Code Text Numbers. Typically 5 digit numbers which are shared between hundreds or thousands of organisations. Messages are routed by the sender prefixing a ‘Key Word’ to their message. Software interprets the keyword and sends the text message as email to the correct company. Numbers are rented on a monthly basis with costs typically less than £100 per month. Please call for our pricing.

Both short code variants can be set up as Revenue Share. The sender pays a premium rate for sending a text to the number and the revenue is shared between you and the mobile networks.

Other generic terms used to cover Text-Numbers include ‘Virtual Reply Numbers’ and ‘MSISDNs’.


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