Sending Pre Scheduled text messages

Sending Appointment Reminder texts is one of the ‘real world’ applications which makes text messaging an indispensable tool for businesses and organisations of all sizes.

Text-Connect’s fully featured & easy to use web based system makes appointment reminders easy to draft, schedule and send. The pre-scheduling feature means that you can set-up appointment reminder text messages as the appointment is made, yet schedule a reminder text message to send weeks or months in the future, just when you need.

For those clients who have larger batches of reminder text messages to schedule and send, Text-Connect gives you a bulk ‘list’ upload and schedule option. Lists of contact numbers, variable data and reminder dates are easy to upload and schedule using simple text \ .CSV files which can be output from most applications or created in your spreadsheet.

Finally, scheduling a text message shot for the future is a great way of testing your text message shot before going live. Scheduled messages are sent to your Outbox where your recipient and message content can be double checked. Ideal for checking that variable, ‘mail merge’ data is working as intended. Once you are happy with the result, simply delete the Outbox messages. Credits are refunded to your account and you can resend your text shot immediately.

Pre scheduled text messaging is available with all Text-Connect ‘send‘ or ‘send and receive‘ text messaging accounts.

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