Sending a text message from Text-Connect.

Sending a text message from Text-Connect in five simple steps…

With your account set up and ready to go, send your first text message with Text-Connect with just a few clicks.…



Sending a text message from Text-Connect

  1. Click the ‘Send’ to draft a new message.
  2. Enter the phone number you are sending to.
  3. Enter the ‘from’ detail  (maximum 11 characters).
  4. Draft your message.
  5. Click ‘Send message’.

Text Message delivered?

When your text message has been sent from Text-Connect, our system will keep you updated with its delivery progress.

  • Pending: Your message is on its way to the mobile network of your recipient.
  • Sent: The mobile network is sending your message to recipients phone.
  • Delivered: Your text message reached the phone.
  • Undeliverable: The phone could not be reached, and your message has failed.

Sent Folder.

If you are sending multiple text messages you can check their status in your ‘Sent‘ folder, found under ‘Messages‘.

Need more Credits?

Eventually you will need to top up your Text-Connect account with more credits. It’s quick and easy to order online from your account (Click Buy), or just give us a call.

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