Reporting. Know your text message has been delivered.

Your Text-connect account comes with built in reporting functions making it easy to manage your text messaging and reduce your text messaging costs.

Access your reports by clicking on the Reports link in the left  hand menu section of your Text-Connect account when logged in.

The resulting page lets you choose:

  • The report type
  • Where to display the results (On screen or save to a .csv file which you can open in a spreadsheet.)
  • The dates which the report will cover.
  • A tick box to trigger the inclusion of contact information.

The most useful and popular Report types are noted below.

Message Report:

The ‘Message’ report returns the content of the actual messages sent so that you can monitor message content, and the delivery status of individual messages.

The status of each message is returned for the given time period with the time sent, time of the last update and the current status. The message content is also given along with the sender and destination numbers.

Save money by using the Message Report to remove ‘bad’ from your contacts or lists.


Usage Report:

This report gives you a count of messages sent over a period of time, broken down into delivery categories so you can see how many of you messages have been delivered, and if not why not.

Use this report to track your credits usage and pre plan buying the correct number of credits in advance.


Inbound Message Report:

If you need to see messages that have come in to your inbox via your Text-Number run the Inbound Message Report. This is useful when  messages have been deleted from the Inbox prematurely.

See the web site for an overview of Text-Connect or email us for a quote for your business. Let us know how you plan to use text messaging in your business and we’ll respond with a quote.



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