remote triggering

Text-Connect is a powerful way to communicate with staff and clients distributed across a wide area and is proving popular in the Facilities Management industry.  The ability to keep a centrally managed list of contacts who can then be sent a text message at the drop of a hat makes distributing urgent and critical information to widely spread individuals simple and easy.

A handy feature our clients find helpful is the ability to remotely trigger a text shot to a contact list on their text-connect account,  using a text message from their own mobile phone.

This is particularly important when a mobile data connection isn’t available or local Internet connection is down. Text messages can often reach recipients even when mobile coverage is patchy and voice and data is unavailable.

Here is a quick ‘How To’:

Remote Triggering works as follows:

1. You define a mobile number(s) from which text message shots can be remotely triggered. See inbox, manage, “Allow triggering from”.

2. Recipients of the text shot are set up as a named ‘List

3. When you need to trigger a text shot, simply send a text to your text-number formatted as detailed below. Keeping a pre drafting a message on your phone will speed the process.

4. Text-Connect recognises the senders number and interprets their text for sending a text shot.

5. The SMS text message must contain the name of the distribution list to trigger, followed by the source address to send it from (ie a number or text label\name), followed by the actual message to be sent. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile when the list has been triggered. Please note that you can only trigger distribution lists that have no spaces in their names.

This way authorised users of your account (i.e. those with mobile numbers specified on the system) can trigger text messages to go out to specific lists of people.

Remote triggering works with Text-Connect accounts with a Text Number and enough message credits for sending the text shot.

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