Send a Text. Choosing Recipients

Choosing your recipients: We give you 5 options:

Text-Connect has been designed to make it quick, easy and flexible to send your text messages. We give you 5 different ways to select who to send to:

Choose from one of the following options:

  1. Type in the Number manually.
  2. Choose a single Contact from your Text-Connect address book.
  3. Select a Group of contacts from your Text-Connect address book.
  4. Select an uploaded Distribution List of your numbers.
  5. Upload a Campaign List from the ‘Send’ page for a one-off broadcast.

Sending a text message from Text-Connect.

Sending a text message from Text-Connect in five simple steps…

With your account set up and ready to go, send your first text message with Text-Connect with just a few clicks.…



Sending a text message from Text-Connect

  1. Click the ‘Send’ to draft a new message.
  2. Enter the phone number you are sending to.
  3. Enter the ‘from’ detail  (maximum 11 characters).
  4. Draft your message.
  5. Click ‘Send message’.

Text Message delivered?

When your text message has been sent from Text-Connect, our system will keep you updated with its delivery progress.

  • Pending: Your message is on its way to the mobile network of your recipient.
  • Sent: The mobile network is sending your message to recipients phone.
  • Delivered: Your text message reached the phone.
  • Undeliverable: The phone could not be reached, and your message has failed.

Sent Folder.

If you are sending multiple text messages you can check their status in your ‘Sent‘ folder, found under ‘Messages‘.

Need more Credits?

Eventually you will need to top up your Text-Connect account with more credits. It’s quick and easy to order online from your account (Click Buy), or just give us a call.

Manage Rent Arrears with text messaging


Managing Rent Arrears with tenants is a difficult task for Housing Associations and rental agents.

Text messaging gives you an additional management tool and means of communicating directly with tenants to prompt the resolution of outstanding rents.

We have many clients in the Housing Association and Rental Agent community who use text messaging and Text-Connect in this application and report that it is a vital tool in minimising rent arrears.

Critically, with Text-Connect you are able to communicate directly with individual tenants, yet our ‘mail-merge’ and bulk text messaging features mean that it’s a quick & simple task to send a personalised text to large numbers of tenants.

You can monitor undelivered messages with our reporting functions and because the message is sent directly to the tenants mobile phone,  you can be confident that your message will be read.

Text-Connect clients using the system to manage rent arrears confirm that it’s an extremely effective tool.

Our clients typically use our ‘Business Package’ and we have a Rent Arrears case study covering the practical use of the system here.

remote triggering

Text-Connect is a powerful way to communicate with staff and clients distributed across a wide area and is proving popular in the Facilities Management industry.  The ability to keep a centrally managed list of contacts who can then be sent a text message at the drop of a hat makes distributing urgent and critical information to widely spread individuals simple and easy.

A handy feature our clients find helpful is the ability to remotely trigger a text shot to a contact list on their text-connect account,  using a text message from their own mobile phone.

This is particularly important when a mobile data connection isn’t available or local Internet connection is down. Text messages can often reach recipients even when mobile coverage is patchy and voice and data is unavailable.

Here is a quick ‘How To’:

Remote Triggering works as follows:

1. You define a mobile number(s) from which text message shots can be remotely triggered. See inbox, manage, “Allow triggering from”.

2. Recipients of the text shot are set up as a named ‘List

3. When you need to trigger a text shot, simply send a text to your text-number formatted as detailed below. Keeping a pre drafting a message on your phone will speed the process.

4. Text-Connect recognises the senders number and interprets their text for sending a text shot.

5. The SMS text message must contain the name of the distribution list to trigger, followed by the source address to send it from (ie a number or text label\name), followed by the actual message to be sent. A confirmation SMS will be sent to your mobile when the list has been triggered. Please note that you can only trigger distribution lists that have no spaces in their names.

This way authorised users of your account (i.e. those with mobile numbers specified on the system) can trigger text messages to go out to specific lists of people.

Remote triggering works with Text-Connect accounts with a Text Number and enough message credits for sending the text shot.

Message Status meanings in delivery reports.

A key benefit of choosing Text-Connect for your business text messaging is that the message reports tell you if your message has been delivered.

Text-Connect’s  reporting functions mean that you can quickly check the current status of your message. When sending individual text messages our ‘Real Time’ message status gives you a live on screen report of current message status which updates automatically.

For multiple messages the ‘Sent’ menu gives you the status of all messages sent in the last 24 hours. For older messages you can  run a ‘Message Report’ in the Reports menu.

Once a message has been sent the current status is derived from updated information provided by the mobile network who the recipients phone is registered with. There is sometimes variation in description of the message status between networks.

Below are the common status names and a description of their meaning:

  • PENDING: The message is waiting to be accepted by the operator who provides the recipients mobile service.
  • SENT – the first delivery attempt has been made. If delivery is not successful, the message will stay in this state until it expires
  • DELIVERED – the message was successfully delivered to the handset.
  • EXPIRED: Means that the handset may have been switched off or out of signal for a long period of time, and the networks validity of the message has expired. They do try to send the message to the mobile over a 24-48 hour period, after this time frame the message would have expired.
  • COMMAND_REJECTED – the message was invalid in some way and was rejected by the operator. Often this is due to a ‘bad’ number.
  • UNDELIVERABLE – everything was fine with the message, but the handset was not able to receive the message.
  • UNKNOWN – The message has expired, but no delivery or expiry receipt was received from the operator, thus delivery status is unknown
  • FAILED/COMMAND_FAILED – The operator received the message but was unable to process it for some reason.

Message status reports in Text-Connect give you reduced usage costs by giving you the tools to manage your contact lists. ‘Bad’ numbers are easy to add to your account ‘black list’ and then cleaned from your existing lists so preventing wasted credits.

More info on text message reporting types is available here

Appointment Reminders with Text-Messaging.

Text messaging offers business and organisations a way to boost sales & reduce costs with appointment reminders.

The Text-Connect computer based system is operated directly from your desktop computer, with no need for an office mobile.  This means your staff can use text-messaging to complement their administrative tasks but also means that messages and information can be easily shared across your organisation.

Missed Appointments Cost.

Missed appointments cost your organisation money. This is either in the form of lost revenue or incurred cost through contractors being unable to complete their work.

As a way of delivering personal communication, irrespective of their location, Text Messaging is hard to beat.  According to Ofcom 94% of adults now own a mobile phone1, while most smart phone users never switch them off.2

Appointment Reminders by SMS Text Work.

There has been much research in to the effectiveness of SMS text appointment reminders. Much of this has been done in the healthcare arena due to the potential savings on offer.  For instance a research article by the organisation Health Services Research concludes:

Short message service reminders in health care settings substantially increase the likelihood of attending clinic appointments. SMS reminders appear to be a simple and efficient option for health services to use to improve service delivery, as well as resulting in health benefits for the patients who receive the reminders.” 3


While a research article published by BMC Ophthalmology concludes:

“The use of SMS reminders for ophthalmology outpatient appointments was associated with a reduction of 38% in the likelihood of patients not attending their appointments, compared to no appointment reminder.” 4


Sending appointment reminders is a key application of Text-Connect among our clients and their anecdotal reports suggest that the research conclusions noted above equally apply to business and organisations.

Text-Connect gives you the ideal tool to add text message reminders to your business. There is no hardware or software to install and little or no training is required. Costs are low which gives you a rapid return on investment.

Our clients typically choose our ‘2 way’ Business text messaging package.





Text messaging for Charities

Text messaging gives your Charity a low cost & effective way of improving the accessibility of it’s services to your  target demographic. Importantly text messaging also streamlines and simplifies communication with volunteers and staff.

The Text-Connect ‘2 way’ text messaging system gives your organisation all the tools it needs to send and receive text messages to staff, volunteers and the users of your service.

Text messaging helps make your services more accessible to users, including those with some types of disabilities. The easy & discrete nature of texting combined with the wide scale ownership of mobile phones helps removes many of the ‘blocks’ potential users of your services may face when making initial contact.

Your dedicated Text-Connect Text number ensures that all your messages will be delivered to your email and\or inbox, removing the need for the sender to use key words and removing the chance of a misrouted confidential message that exists with shared text numbers.

Text-Connect will also save time for your administration staff when coordinating volunteers. Sending text messages to groups of volunteers is quick and easy and their replies are delivered back to your email and\or inbox.  It’s ideal for requesting help or confirming details.

Off site staff will appreciate Text-Connect as an easy way to confirm their location for Lone Worker protection.  Out going text messages are a great way of distributing urgent & critical information to staff who are geographically dispersed.

Here at Text-Connect we supply text messaging services to charities, government agencies and social organisation of all sizes.  Some case studies detailing how some of our clients are using text messaging in their organisation are here.

For more information email us at or call us on 01952 820 453.


Near Miss Reporting with text-messaging

Text messaging is an ideal Near Miss reporting tool.  A Text-Connect text-number makes implementation quick, easy and very cost effective.

For your employee making the report, sending a text message is discrete and can be done in the moment. With mobile phones now ubiquitous, reporting a Near Miss with a text message is fast and easy, which means your employees are more likely to make reports.

For your senior management, Near Miss reports can be discreetly copied to their email account so plugging them into the raw near miss report as they come in, directly from the scene.

text messaging for Near Miss Reporting.

Text-Connect is a key tool for Near Miss reporting and Facilities Management.

For your Health and Safety team the individual incoming Near Miss reports are consolidated into your on-line Text-Connect in-box. Additionally Reports can be automatically forwarded to email addresses and\or the mobile phone of team members for immediate action.   A confirmation message may also be triggered to confirm to your employee that their report has been received.

Use Text-Connect‘s sending functionality to prompt your employee’s to save your Near Miss number to their phones so that it can be easily found when needed. Upload your employee names and numbers to your Text-Connect account  to make sending reminders and information as outgoing text messages quick and easy, sending to groups or individuals as needed.

Once uploaded Text-Connect resolves your phone numbers & contact information so that you have an employee name to associate with an the incoming report.

Text-Connect has many applications in Health and Safety and facility management and is particularly adept at delivering critical information to & from individuals in the field ‘right now’.

Contact us now for pricing and further information.

Text messaging for community and internet radio stations

Text-Connect has been adopted by community radio stations as a cost effective way of adding text messaging to serve their audience.

Text messaging is a proven way of promoting audience participation and was introduced by the national broadcasters years ago. However costs can prove prohibitive for small community or internet radio stations operating on a limited budget.

Our ‘Text-Numbers‘ give your radio station an affordable option to receive text messages from listeners. Your station simply pays an affordable annual fee and there is no charge to you for receiving messages. Your listeners pay their usual fee’s for sending a message and messages are in no way charged at a premium rate.

A Text-Connect Text-Number is dedicated to your station and is not shared with any other organisation. This is important to your listeners because it saves them having to prefix their message to you with a specific key word.

Our Text-Numbers are 07 style ‘long’ format and existing radio station clients report excellent response. Compared to the alternative shared short code text numbers they are easier for the listener to use as they don’t have to prefix a key word to each message.  Compared to a 5 digit short code and key word our numbers are easier to use, especially once the listener has your number in their phone.

Your listeners text messages are delivered to your studio email account or via your text-connect on-line ‘inbox’ accessed from a web browser.  Competitions are easy to administer with the built in key word function you control.

Text-Connect is the ideal choice for Community and Internet radio stations. Affordable, simple to use and reliable. Have a look at the case study covering how our existing radio station clients use text numbers here.

Please email or call 01952 820 453 for pricing and more information.