Near Miss Reporting with text-messaging

Text messaging is an ideal Near Miss reporting tool.  A Text-Connect text-number makes implementation quick, easy and very cost effective.

For your employee making the report, sending a text message is discrete and can be done in the moment. With mobile phones now ubiquitous, reporting a Near Miss with a text message is fast and easy, which means your employees are more likely to make reports.

For your senior management, Near Miss reports can be discreetly copied to their email account so plugging them into the raw near miss report as they come in, directly from the scene.

text messaging for Near Miss Reporting.

Text-Connect is a key tool for Near Miss reporting and Facilities Management.

For your Health and Safety team the individual incoming Near Miss reports are consolidated into your on-line Text-Connect in-box. Additionally Reports can be automatically forwarded to email addresses and\or the mobile phone of team members for immediate action.   A confirmation message may also be triggered to confirm to your employee that their report has been received.

Use Text-Connect‘s sending functionality to prompt your employee’s to save your Near Miss number to their phones so that it can be easily found when needed. Upload your employee names and numbers to your Text-Connect account  to make sending reminders and information as outgoing text messages quick and easy, sending to groups or individuals as needed.

Once uploaded Text-Connect resolves your phone numbers & contact information so that you have an employee name to associate with an the incoming report.

Text-Connect has many applications in Health and Safety and facility management and is particularly adept at delivering critical information to & from individuals in the field ‘right now’.

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