Manage Rent Arrears with text messaging


Managing Rent Arrears with tenants is a difficult task for Housing Associations and rental agents.

Text messaging gives you an additional management tool and means of communicating directly with tenants to prompt the resolution of outstanding rents.

We have many clients in the Housing Association and Rental Agent community who use text messaging and Text-Connect in this application and report that it is a vital tool in minimising rent arrears.

Critically, with Text-Connect you are able to communicate directly with individual tenants, yet our ‘mail-merge’ and bulk text messaging features mean that it’s a quick & simple task to send a personalised text to large numbers of tenants.

You can monitor undelivered messages with our reporting functions and because the message is sent directly to the tenants mobile phone,  you can be confident that your message will be read.

Text-Connect clients using the system to manage rent arrears confirm that it’s an extremely effective tool.

Our clients typically use our ‘Business Package’ and we have a Rent Arrears case study covering the practical use of the system here.

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