Lone Worker protection with text messaging.

Lone worker protection with Text Messaging.

We’ve several clients using Text-Connect and SMS text messaging as part of their Lone Worker protection policy.

Clients have implemented the system in different ways, the most common being to use a ‘2 way’ send and receive package with a text number to give Lone workers a quick way to check-in and check-out of a location using a text message. The worker simply sends a text when they arrive and when they leave which is then delivered as an email to the company office where the location of individual workers is monitored.

Should office staff need to contact someone in the ‘field’ it’s quick and easy to draft a and send a text message from on their computer. Real time delivery reports allow the sender to see when the message reaches the phone of the recipient, and should the appropriate response from the worker not materialise, an alarm can be raised.

Text-Connect also gives Lone Workers a fast call for help which is forwarded to the mobile phones of a rescue or response team 24 hours a day.. Companies can implement this is two ways.

The first is to use a dedicated text-number where any message sent to the number is forwarded to members of the response team by text message and email.

The second is to use their ‘check-in‘ text number but prefix the message with a ‘HELP‘ keyword. Text-Connect monitors messages sent to the number and will forward those prefixed by the keyword to a pre defined set of mobile numbers and\or email addresses 24 hours per day.

In area’s of poor or intermittent reception a Text message can often get through where a voice call may fail. SMS text has been adopted by the 112 and 999 Emergency services.

Text-Connect offers your company or organisation a cost effective way to help confirm the status of Lone Workers. No software or hardware needs to be installed on your computers and Text-Connect works with your workers current mobile phones.

More information on Lone Worker protection using text messaging here.

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