Appointment Reminders with Text-Messaging.

Text messaging offers business and organisations a way to boost sales & reduce costs with appointment reminders.

The Text-Connect computer based system is operated directly from your desktop computer, with no need for an office mobile.  This means your staff can use text-messaging to complement their administrative tasks but also means that messages and information can be easily shared across your organisation.

Missed Appointments Cost.

Missed appointments cost your organisation money. This is either in the form of lost revenue or incurred cost through contractors being unable to complete their work.

As a way of delivering personal communication, irrespective of their location, Text Messaging is hard to beat.  According to Ofcom 94% of adults now own a mobile phone1, while most smart phone users never switch them off.2

Appointment Reminders by SMS Text Work.

There has been much research in to the effectiveness of SMS text appointment reminders. Much of this has been done in the healthcare arena due to the potential savings on offer.  For instance a research article by the organisation Health Services Research concludes:

Short message service reminders in health care settings substantially increase the likelihood of attending clinic appointments. SMS reminders appear to be a simple and efficient option for health services to use to improve service delivery, as well as resulting in health benefits for the patients who receive the reminders.” 3


While a research article published by BMC Ophthalmology concludes:

“The use of SMS reminders for ophthalmology outpatient appointments was associated with a reduction of 38% in the likelihood of patients not attending their appointments, compared to no appointment reminder.” 4


Sending appointment reminders is a key application of Text-Connect among our clients and their anecdotal reports suggest that the research conclusions noted above equally apply to business and organisations.

Text-Connect gives you the ideal tool to add text message reminders to your business. There is no hardware or software to install and little or no training is required. Costs are low which gives you a rapid return on investment.

Our clients typically choose our ‘2 way’ Business text messaging package.





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